The EuroLocker keyless system is our flagship and New Zealand’s most recognised brand. The pin number based platform is user friendly and extremely simple for patrons with a choice of up to eight languages. See our full list of colour options.

Depending on the characteristics and requirements of the venue we offer additional features such as;

  • Fully integrated and networked paypoints around the venue
  • Variable time/tariff options (initial rate then lower long term rate option)
  • Multiple sizes of locker run off one paypoint
  • Note acceptors (takes $5, $10 and $20 notes)
  • Remote internet access into the system
  • Change giving machines and coin acceptors (coupled with the above)
  • System selected PIN numbers
  • Ticket printers (with or without pin numbers printed)
  • Credit card payment option Supervisor access via a uniquely coded electronic touch key

In behind is a full audit trail with the daily ability to track every transaction, every access and every dollar.

Kiwi Locker Company is proud to be the exclusive New Zealand distributor for EuroLocker. We are always looking for new venues nationwide. While most venues choose to own and operate the EuroLocker system themselves, we do offer also profit share or rental installation options to selected venues. Contact us immediately to see if there is a promotion underway in your area.